Repair Parts Classifications

Gray area is stressful and leaves remaining doubt as to if the correct decision was made. Our service process includes steps to eliminate as much of that as possible. One way we do this is by classifying the parts we list as needing to be replaced on your machines. Knowing exactly what the best use of your money is can be tough, we’re here to back you up.


  • Essential Parts: Parts that we classify as Essential are required for the machine to operate as designed. This also includes parts that may cause another part to fail prematurely. We diagnose the root cause, not just the symptom because we don’t believe in patching repairs together, we get it done right the first time. The question we ask ourselves is, “is this part required to safely operate the machine’s core functions or to prevent further damage to other components of the machine?” If the answer is yes, that is an essential part.
  • Recommended Parts: Parts that we classify as Recommend could benefit from replacement but are not entirely necessary. An example of this would be a roller with a slight tick that is not perfect but does still have a reasonable amount of life left in it. The questions we ask ourselves is, “will the user still be able to use the core functions of their machine if not replacing this part immediately? Will not replacing this part not cause damage to any other component of the machine as the issue continues/worsens?” If the answer to both is yes, this is a recommended part.
  • Nonessential Parts: Parts that we classify as Nonessential are not truly required to operate the machine, but that are not perfect. An example of this would be a scuffed console or a plastic shroud with a small crack. We ask ourselves, “can this machine’s core functions operate per the manufacturer’s specifications without this part being replaced for the remainder of its life with minimal impact on the user’s experience?” If the answer is yes, that part is nonessential.

By providing this information up front we feel that enables you to make the best decision possible to maintain your fitness goals.

Thank you so much, my machine has never worked better!

Liz P. | Oswego, IL